Tropical storm LORENZO harmless and weakening in mid-Atlantic

A new disturbance designated sixty nine has been identified in the far south of the Bay of Campeche in the wake of an occluded front,producing enhanced showers and storms over the area. This system is stationary and likely to remain so. Development is most unlikely as this will spend the next two to three days being battered by upper level winds. Showers and localised storm conditons are likely to continue before this mini-depression starts to weaken thus tropical cyclone development is not expected

Useless tropical storm LORENZO is now half way between Florida and Morocco with maximum sustained winds of 45 knots and weakening as it heads east. This will dissipate harmlessly over the next three to four days.

Disturbance sixty seven is around a day and a half east of the Leeward Islands, moving west at an impressive and pointless 20 knots. Conditions in the area remain unfavourable for development.

Stand easy.