A new albeit unpromising development in the east.

Disturbance sixty nine is still being battered by upper level shear in the south of the Bay of Campeche, producing enhanced showers and localised storm conditions. This is still barely moving and is likely to be beaten into submission for another day or two before dissipating,.

Disturbance sixty seven is about six hours east of the Lesser Antilles, reduced now to a weak tropical wave. Only a slight enhancement of showers is likely over the today and development is not expected.

A new disturbance designated seventy has developed about three days west of the Cape Verde Islands. At present this is little more than a large area of showers and storms associated with a tropical wave but with no signs of tropical development and conditonms ahead on its westward track are not favourable.

Pathetic ex-tropical storm LORENZO has weakened to a tropical depression in the central Atlantic, far from any land areas. This is likely to be off radar altogether by tomorrow.

Stand easy.