A less-than grand finale for the Gulf of Mexico 2013 storm season?

The much–heralded disturbance seventy two has developed in the eastern Caribbean, born on a battlefield with little chance of avoiding the shellfire of upper level shear. It consists of a disorganised trough of showers and thunderstorms between Trinidad and Puerto Rico. Movement is slow to the west-nor'west at walking pace. Strong wind shear and unfavourable upper-level winds should keep development chances low. Enhanced showers and storms are likely over Puerto Rico and Hispaniola until this turns north over the coming weekend, by the time it reaches Haiti. Modellers are in agreement that there is no threat to the Gulf of Mexico or the United States. The fat lady may now be singing as far as storm risk goes for the Gulf of Mexico (not the eastern seaboard or eastern Caribbean just yet), but we will have a clearer view after this has passed.

Stand easy