A new disturbance in the eastern Caribbean

Disturbance seventy two is a large area of disorganised showers and storms over the northern Caribbean, Puerto Rico, and Hispaniola but with with no identifiable centre. This is moving west at walking pace and causing heavy rain with possible flooding over Puerto Rico and Hispaniola over the next 24 hours. The disturbance is expected to move generally to the west towards Yucatan and the southern Gulf in about four days from now. This is not an organised disturbance per se and will only spread an area of moisture, showers and thunderstorms but has no capacity for surface or vertical circulation.

We decided to stand down the 2012 season on November 15th last year with disturbance sixty five whimpering to a conclusion in mid Atlantic. Despite a pretty impenetrable pattern of fronts protecting the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico and the eastern seaboard, we have seen the development today of disturbance seventy three, a large but disorganised area of showers and storms in the far eastern Atlantic. The disturbance is likely to make a gradual turn to the northwest over the next few days and disappear somewhere in the Atlantic, without development.

Stand easy