Stand Down

Disturbance seventy two has dissipated, leaving a trail of heavy rain but with no hope whatsoever of becoming organised.

At this end of the season, it is a brave man indeed who makes the first decision to sign off . I have a seafarer's inbuilt restraint when it comes to ringing the all clear, so over the last day or two, I have made a cautious round of the various modellers who have guided us through the season. With the exception of the sound of snoring from a lonely, windswept, straw-lined hut somewhere on the frozen shores of Baffin Island, the chatterers are quiet. There may be one or two more disturbances, but upper level shear, rapidly cooling water, sinking air across the convergence zone and a busy production line of robust frontal systems lining up to defend the entire Gulf of Mexico and eastern seaboard, gives me the confidence to ring down Finished With Engines for the 2013 storm season. I shall be maintaining a weather watch for the next week or two, and an eye on the situations vacant columns if tropical storm MELISSA should make an appearance.

I will post a review of the season in the coming weeks.

Post-season, we will continue to broadcast matters of general maritime interest on Twitter @watkinsmarine along with our colleagues at Watkins Superyachts @watkinsyachts.

Stand Down.