Attempted attack - north Gulf of Oman - 0800Z 28 February 2014

The IMB has reported an attempted persistent attack on an unidentified bulk carrier at 0800Z on Friday, 28 February 2014, in the north Gulf of Oman, 40m south east of Gwadar, Pakistan. The latitude given by the IMB is incorrect and the position should read 24o 33'N 062o 44'E. We have held off relaying this as there have been confusing and conflicting reports on smugglers in the area, but as yet no retraction.

‘28.02.2014: 1300 LT: Posn: 22:33N – 062:44E, Around 40nm SE off Gwadar, Pakistan. A bulk carrier underway was chased by a skiff for approximately four hours. The vessel took evasive measures as per BMP4, reported to UKMTO and headed toward the Pakistani coast for assistance. The Pakistani navy deployed a naval asset which located the skiff and detained the suspected pirates.‘


Red - Hijacked vessel, kidnapped crew or attack in progress.
White - Failed or aborted attack.
Yellow - Pirate action group (PAG) or mother ship.
Green - Suspicious approach, incident or activity.