Disturbance One stationary and not developing mid US Gulf...

General summary Monday 2nd June 2014

Disturbance one is stationary in the mid Gulf of Mexico. Upper level shear is pushing most of the foul weather and thunderstorm activity to the east now and is also breaking down the vertical circulation column, ergo no development expected. Squalls are still having some impact on the deep water lease areas, bringing occasional wind gusts up to 50 knots in places.

Whilst we don't report on weather in the eastern Pacific, the tropical system we mentioned yesterday is approaching the Pacific coast of Guatemala as expected, and the effect of this may find its way into the southern Gulf of Campeche and join forces with a locally developing low. If this does develop, there is still some uncertainty regarding both potential development and track however, the smart money is on a slow north-easterly heading towards Florida bringing some squally weather to the deep water lease areas, and later to the north-eastern Gulf Coast.

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