Ex-hurricane ARTHUR having an impact in the far north

Ex-hurricane ARTHUR is well to the north now and as such, extratropical and outside of our range of reporting. Given that this system is the only spark of interest across the reporting region - and it's still an imposing spark - we include a description in today's report. A couple of hours ago, centred 140 miles northwest of Halifax, Nova Scotia and racing towards Atlantic Canada at 22 knots, ARTHUR is merrily dishing out tropical storm force winds with occasional bursts of hurricane strength to Nova Scotia and coastal New Brunswick, declining gradually as it heads for Newfoundland. This still has a half decent hurricane severity rating of 8 points out of a possible 50 points (5 size / 3 intensity) but is past its best. Heavy rainfall may cause areas of flooding in eastern Maine. The rains should abate this afternoon. Storm cones aloft over the frozen wastes of the far north then, otherwise stand easy.