Disturbance eight passing the southern Windward Islands

 Disturbance eight is passing the southern Windward Islands now and moving west at 18 knots. There is a wall of upper level shear ahead and if this reaches as far west as Panama it will be a minor miracle. The low pressure cell is fairly disorganised and will do little more than bring enhanced showers to the Windward Islands and the southern Caribbean beyond. Pointless. Utterly pointless.

Skies are fine and clear across the entire reporting region, save for some cloud close to the border between Texas and Mexico, some frontal activity along the eastern seaboard of the United States and thin cirrus cloud across the convergence zone. This is often seen as indicating foul weather to come, but in this case, indicates strong upper level shear which will prevent any westbound cells forming vertical circulation. Given this, we can't see any likely development in the short term.

Stand easy.