BERTHA accelerating seaward

Ex-Hurricane - now tropical storm BERTHA is now centred 300 miles east of Cape Hatteras and north-eastbound at a storm-shredding 20 knots. The system is past peak strength as it interacts with frontal activity. Sustained wind speeds are probably down to under 50 knots and falling quickly. BERTHA has an estimated HSI of 6 out of a possible 50 points (3 size, 3 intensity) however I suspect that to be generous, as aerial imagery shows significant loss of organisation. A small area of winds near 60 knots maintains a tropical storm rating, however one observer has reported this to be just the occasional gust. BERTHA is still accelerating and making a gradual turn to the northeast. Increasing upper level winds from the southwest will keep Bertha on a north-easterly course until it passes Newfoundland on Thursday, followed by a turn to the east-northeast as Bertha moves into the northern Atlantic.

Land impact is limited now. Tropical storm force winds are likely for coastal south-eastern Newfoundland on Thursday. Some power outages are possible along with some minor damage.

Disturbance fifteen is off the coast of Georgia and South Carolina. It will merge with the tail of BERTHA today and will disappear thereafter.

Weather watch south-eastern Newfoundland, otherwise stand easy.