Two minor disturbances in the south - BERTHA eastbound

General situation Thursday 7th August 2014

Disturbance fourteen is a little more than a weak tropical wave between the Cayman Islands and the Netherlands Antilles, westbound at 15 knots. This is creating scattered showers and thunderstorms but development is not expected due to south westerly wind shear.

Disturbance sixteen has appeared a couple of hundred miles north of the Amazon delta. This isn't much more than an open wave either. This is making 16 knots and is on a westerly heading. This has slightly more puff than fourteen but still faces wind shear.

BERTHA is centred around 200 miles south east of Newfoundland now and dashing to the north east at 22 knots. Offshore Newfoundland, sustained winds could reach as high as 30 knots with some higher gusts, but as far as the western side of the Atlantic is concerned, has had its day.

Dry air in the eastern Atlantic continues to restrict the Atlantic production line, which may indicate further quiet days ahead.

Stand easy.