New disturbance in the eastern Atlantic

Disturbance fourteen reached the Bay of Campeche as a weak open wave and is currently headed west at 15 knots. By this time tomorrow it should be nicely tucked up ashore and off radar. No development is expected however there will be a slight enhancement of shower and thunderstorm activity across the Bay of Campeche today.

Disturbance sixteen is centred over the far east of Cuba and moving west-nor'west at near 12 knots. The disturbance will produce scattered showers and storms, some heavy, across Cuba today and tomorrow but as with disturbance fourteen, upper level frontal activity to the north will put paid to any aspirations of cyclonic development it may have. Disturbance seventeen has slipped its African moorings and is now seaborne just a few hours west of the Cape Verde Islands, westbound at 15 knots. This is significant as this may be one of the last such systems to leave sub-Saharan Africa into debilitating dry air. The arid spell is coming to an end and the Atlantic production line will enjoy launching an uninterrupted flow of westbound low pressure cells. Some modellers are watching a stalled frontal boundary off the Carolina coast which may have something to say over the next day or so. Stand easy.