All eyes on disturbance nineteen in the eastern Atlantic

Disturbance eighteen completed an uneventful home run, landing on the Yucatan peninsula overnight. This is a little too far south to reappear in the Bay of Campeche.

Disturbance seventeen about one day's steaming from the Leeward Islands and moving west at 13 knots. As anticipated, this has picked upa little and will bring enhanced rainfall and gusty winds to the islands as it passes. Once in the eastern Caribbean tomorrow, it will encounter increasingly hostile conditions and weaken.

Disturbance nineteen is still lounging around about two days west of the Cape Verde Islands. The area of thunderstorms that moved off the coast of Africa is about 48 hours astern of it and moving west in pursuit. Once merged, the combined system is expected to move west-nor'west and may then strengthen, however this has some way to go before any predictions can be made with respect to development or track. The main European and US modellers all have this joint system turning early into the central sub-tropical Atlantic and hitting development-hostile conditions and making no impact. The Canadian modeller has this set to head west as a cyclone.