New disturbance leaves the African coast

Disturbance eighteen has dissipated over the Yucatan peninsula. Disturbance seventeen has moved into the eastern Caribbean and is moving west at 20 knots. There is little chance of this developing before it also reaches the Yucatan peninsula in about 5 days from now with a slim chance of entering the Bay of Campeche. Disturbance nineteen merged with the pursuing area of thunderstorms, which has kick started westerly motion at just six knots.This tropical wave is currently struggling with dry air, and has a fight ahead if it intends developing. Disturbance twenty emerged off the coast of Africa with a twinkle in its eye and is now approaching the Cape Verde Islands at 6 knots and is headed west-nor'west. However, although a satellite pass overnight indicated a fairly well-defined circulation column with winds as high as 30 knots, strong wind shear has caused the disturbance to become less organised over the past 6 hours. The disturbance is forecast to pass through strong wind shear and cool water temperatures for another couple of days. Thereafter it may develop but by then is likely to have started to turn a little north of west and as such would be no threat to the Caribbean or the United States. Stand easy