Uninspiring tropical storm DOLLY

General overview Tuesday 2nd September 2014 from west to east -

Disturbance twenty four developed overnight and is now a fairly weak tropical storm named (aptly, some may say) DOLLY. This pathetic cyclone is in the eastern Bay of Campeche and moving to the northwest at around 10 knots. A general west-nor'west motion is expected with a landfall somewhere close to the north of Tampico as early this evening or as late as very early tomorrow morning. Maximum sustained winds are now at 45 knots. Some additional strengthening is expected before it moves ashore into the northern Mexico coastline. This has a current hurricane severity index of 3 (1 size, 2 intensity), a predicted maximum of just 5 (2 size, 3 intensity) and a underwhelming peak windfield radius of just 80 miles.

Disturbance twenty six has been absorbed into a trough that is currently situated over central America. Some models show the trough gradually shifting north towards the western Caribbean and Bay of Campeche.

Disturbance twenty three is now centred around 600 miles north of the Amazon delta and moving west at 15 knots. Development is not expected this side of the Leeward Islands.

Disturbance twenty seven is centred two days west of the Cape Verde islands, also westbound at 15 knots. Development is not expected before it reaches the Leeward Islands in five to six days time. Storm cones aloft over Tampico.