Four systems seaborne, but little immediate threat

General overview Monday 8th September 2014 from west to east -

Disturbance thirty remains stationary in the western Caribbean and still seems intent on ending its days ashore in the Yucatan peninsula.

Disturbance twenty seven has opened up into an elongated stationary system that stretches from Hispaniola west to Jamaica. The western portion of the disturbance is set to be absorbed by disturbance thirty while the eastern portion will begin to track to the northwest towards the Bahamas ETA around 48 hours from now. Thereafter, this is likely to skulk around offshore Florida and the southeast US coast for a few days. This will be a very fertile area at that time, but this system has hardly shown any desire to impress thus far.

Disturbance twenty eight mid-Atlantic now and moving to the west-nor'west through suffocating sand-laden air at 12 knots. The system should pass north of the Leeward Islands in about 4 days, if it survives the crossing.

Disturbance thirty two is a day west of the Cape Verde Island and moving west at 12 knots , Despite the lusty start, this has also hit the Atlantic sandpit. As a consequence, this has lost some of its earlier ardour and opened up into a tropical wave, albeit still a fairly strong one. A track to the north of the Lesser Antilles is expected in about 6 to 8 days.

Stand easy.