Troical storm EDOUARD seaborne but clear of land

General overview Saturday 13th September 2014 from west to east -

Disturbance thirty is now in the western Gulf of Mexico and approaching the Mexican coast where is will make a landfall in the next few hours. Tropical development is unlikely at this eleventh hour however heavy squalls are likely to persist for the western Gulf throughout the remainder of today.

Disturbance thirty three is currently located in the eastern Gulf of Mexico, about 170 miles west of Fort Myers and is moving to the west at a leisurely 5 knots. This will continue for the next day or so, before a turn to the west-nor'west occurs and the disturbance is likely to move ashore anywhere from the middle Texas coast to the coast of Louisiana on Tuesday afternoon.The system has not changed significantly in terms of organisation and if development were to occur, it would be at most a very weak minimal tropical storm. Enhanced showers and thunderstorms could extend about 150 miles to 200 miles from the path of the disturbance as it moves west through the Gulf of Mexico and isolated wind gusts as high as 55 knots may be possible in the strongest north east sector.

Tropical storm EDOUARD is in the mid subtropical Atlantic, well clear of land and moving to the north west at 12 knots. This motion should continue for the next 2 to 3 days, before a turn to the north occurs. Current sustained wind speeds of 45 knots are being reported. Additional intensification is expected and EDOUARD should become a hurricane within the next couple of days.

Disturbance thirty four is striking out into the Atlantic at 14 knots on a westerly heading which should continue for the next few days. This motion would take the system toward the islands of the eastern Caribbean in about 5 days. Environmental conditions are not expected to be favourable for development. Therefore, despite some half decent organisation visible on satellite imagery, developments chances are slim at present. Stand easy.