EDUARDO strengthening but remains a fish storm

Disturbance thirty moved inland into Mexico without developing and is off radar now.

Disturbance thirty three is now centred about 200 miles south Mississippi delta and headed west-sou'west at a steady 12 knots. The disturbance has opened into a fairly pathetic trough and is only producing limited shower and thunderstorms over the offshore lease areas. Upper-level winds have picked up and further development is unlikely before it makes landfall in the area around Corpus Christi on Tuesday.

EDOUARD is in the mid- subtropical Atlantic now headed north west at 12 knots. This is blowing 65 knot winds now, the glass is still falling and is likely to become a hurricane in the next few hours. This will blow a hoolie but will pass well clear of land.

Disturbance thirty four is three days west of the Cape Verde Islands and rushing to the west-nor'west at a development inhibiting 24 knots. The disturbance may enhance showers and thunderstorms for the northernmost Leeward Islands on Thursday, but there is a chance that it could curve early and have no impact on land at all.

Disturbance thirty five is a new system which has just left the African coast. Development appears unlikely over the next week but may be worth watching if it remains on track and approaches the Caribbean. Stand easy.