Three weak systems under way

General overview Sunday 21st September 2014 west to east -

Former disturbance thirty seven is a frontal low near the outer banks of North Carolina. It is expected to bring rain and gusty winds to the east coast of the continental United States today. However, it has no tropical characteristics and is unlikely to develop.

Disturbance thirty five is centred around six hundred miles north of the mouth of the Amazon and moving to the west near 12 knots. Strong wind shear should prevent any development from occurring as the system moves through the Caribbean.

Disturbance thirty six began life full of promise as it left the African coast but thereafter consistently failed to impress. It is centred just a few hours west of the Cape Verde Islands and moving to the west-nor'west at 8 knots. The disturbance is disorganised and environmental conditions are unfavourable for development.

Stand easy.