Six systems on radar but no development is expected

General overview Wednesday 1st October 2014

From west to east

Disturbance forty one is a non-tropical low centred a couple of hundred miles east of Savannah and is moving away from the coast, on an east-nor'easterly heading at 18 knots. The low should merge with disturbance forty in a couple of days, and the combined low will be a broad, dull non-tropical area of low pressure. No significant impacts are expected.

Disturbance forty is centred about 250 miles east-nor ‘east of Cape Hatteras and is moving to the northeast at 12 knots. Development is not expected before the low becomes extratropical in about 24 hours and, after merging with the pursuing disturbance forty one, will head further out into the Atlantic.

Disturbance thirty eight is a weak tropical wave around one day's steaming east of the Caribbean and is moving is west at an impressive but self-destructive 20 knots. This is likely to run out of puff before it reaches the Leeward Islands.

Disturbance forty two is mid Atlantic, rather a long way north of our area of interest and is moving to the east-nor'east at 8 knots. Development is not expected and is likely to weaken and dissipate tomorrow

Disturbance forty three has appeared from a weak wave mid-Atlantic, westbound at 12 knots. Development is not expected as it continues to the west.

Clouds are mustering over Liberia/Sierra Leone and likely to emerge as a strong contender at the weekend. Sand and cooling waters lay ahead. Very little chance of development.

Stand easy