Tropical disturbance nine loses enthusiasm for development in western Caribbean/ US Gulf

Tropical depression nine has dissipated over the Yucatan and what is left is being absorbed by a frontal boundary. Redevelopment is not expected. However, moisture from the front itself is going to bring quite a downpour with heavy showers and storms across southern Florida throughout Friday and then the Bahamas through Saturday. Wind shear, followed by a huge belt of dry air from the north will put paid to redevelopment.

Disturbance fifty has completed the Atlantic crossing and is now a day into the Caribbean, moving west at 12 knots. A slight enhancement of showers and thunderstorms is likely today but this is expected to dissipate over the next few days.

Disturbance fifty one is mid Atlantic now and moving to the west at 6 knots. Conditions for development over the entire convergence zone have deteriorated and this system has little chance of impressing anyone.

Disturbance forty nine has started to weaken, still almost stationary currently loafing around the Azores. This will track east over the next few days. Development is not expected.

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