Four weak non-threatening disturbances

The remnants of tropical depression nine are located along the coast of Belize and the Yucatan peninsula The system is poorly organised and being subdued by a strong cold front, but is still identifiable by a concentration of thunderstorms so still has some energy if an opportunity was to arise. Slim chance, though.

Disturbance fifty is passing the Netherlands Antilles on a westerly course at about 7 knots. Strong upper-level wind shear over the area has weakened the disturbance and it probably on its last legs.

Disturbance fifty one is around 300 miles north-east of the mouth of the Amazon and is moving to the west at 12 knots. This is also heading into upper level shear and is not likely to develop.

Disturbance forty nine is still loafing about to the south of the Azores. The few remaining forecasters who are showing any interest in this dull system are debating tedious technicalities in definition between subtropical or subtropical. In simple terms, it's ‘quite windy' and ‘fading'. The system is expected to dissipate over the next couple of days anyway, irrespective of definition.

Stand easy.