Two weak systems seaborne

Two weak systems dissipated overnight leaving just disturbance fifty one and the remnants of tropical depression nine seaborne.

In the case of the easternmost of the two, disturbance fifty one is about 200 miles due north of the Amazon delta and is moving to the west at 12 knots. This is quite weak and has only an outside chance of survival in upper level shear.

Further to the west, the remains of tropical disturbance nine has been partially absorbed into a strong occluded front which stretches almost from Nicaragua to Iceland. As this moves east, it is possible that the remains of nine will develop in its wake, but even then, only likely to head into the Yucatan peninsula again and dissipate ashore. If this does not detach, it will become completely absorbed and lose identity. Either way, this will be a rainmaker over an area centred around the Yucatan channel for the next day or two.

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