Weak tropical storm HANNA making a brief appearance

The remnants of tropical depression nine have regenerated close to the coast of eastern Honduras and become tropical storm HANNA. This is moving towards the beach at 5 knots. Landfall is expected to occur in about 2 hours in northern Nicaragua as a weak tropical storm after which weakening is expected, with dissipation over Central America in about 36 hours. This probably at peak strength now with a hurricane severity index of 2 (1 for size and 1 for intensity), which is barely on the scale. Maximum sustained winds are just 45 knots.

Disturbance fifty one is about six hours east of the Leeward Islands and is moving to the west-nor'west at 10 knots.. Strong upper-level wind shear across the region will prevent development. A frontal system is expected to cause the disturbance to make a gradual turn to the north over the next 5 days before the front absorbs and dissipates the disturbance in about 6 days.

Aside from heavy rainfall and some flash flooding over a small area along and close inshore the coast of Nicaragua, stand easy.