Stand down

There are currently no disturbances in the Atlantic and what little circulating air is there, is weak and pointless. A subtropical disturbance may form on Thursday north of Puerto Rico but this can't really survive long given the strength of upper level shear across the entire reporting area.

I am usually the last to sign off, but think I can afford to throw caution to the wind - if there is any - and ring Finished With Engines on the 2014 season. Provided I do not have to come back with my tail between my legs in the coming days or weeks, I will put thumbs to keyboard in a few weeks to summarise this unusual season.

For now, the butcher's bill:

Total disturbances 52

Total tropical depressions 9

Total storms 8

Hurricanes 6

Major hurricanes 2

Strongest storm GONZALO peaked with a wind speed of 126 knots (or 145 mph if you will) at around 940 millibars

Thanks to the many addressees who have sent feedback and comment throughout the season. Always much appreciated. We have been posting these reports on our website and using the dark art of Twitter@watkinsmarine and will continue to use these to disseminate matters of lesser interest through the winter months.

Stand down.