Tropical storm seven about to become a weak storm

General overview Monday 15th June 2015

All eyes on disturbance seven. A reconnaissance aircraft is in flight now, and most commentators expect this to result in this being upgraded to tropical storm BILL. This is currently dead centre of the Gulf of Mexico between the coast of Texas and the Yucatan peninsular and moving west-nor'west at about 10 knots. Despite this, the system did not really become better organised since hitting the waters of the Gulf, so there is little likelihood of strong winds - hence a weak storm rating I expect - nor much in the way of heavy seas, but this is very, very wet and when it does make a landfall around Corpus Christi late tomorrow, industrial quantities of rainfall can be expected.

Disturbance six is about one day's steaming east of the Leeward and Windward Islands, westbound at 12 knots. No development is expected.

Disturbance eight is seaborne, about a day west of the Cape Verde a Islands and also westbound at around 15 knots. Development is not expected over the next week as the entire eastern side of the convergence zone is dry.

Umbrellas ready in Texas, otherwise stand easy