Tropical storm CLAUDETTE set to disappoint

General overview Monday 13th July 2015

Disturbance fourteen is very poorly defined, currently struggling to make headway to the north-west, centred over eastern Cuba. Squalls associated with the disturbance extend from the Bahamas, across Hispaniola, and into the Caribbean. No tropical development is expected as environmental conditions are very unfavourable and this may be on its last legs.

Despite being technically sub-tropical, disturbance thirteen has been upgraded to tropical storm CLAUDETTE, currently sat 300 miles east of Cape Cod and shaping up to head north east. This won't make headlines. CLAUDETTE will encounter strong south westerly wind shear, which will prevent further significant strengthening prior to the centre passing near Nova Scotia on Tuesday evening. By the time the centre nears Newfoundland on Wednesday it will only be a remnant low with winds of about 25 knots.

The main threat will be heavy squalls with wind gusts of 60 knots offshore Nova Scotia on Tuesday. The squalls should have weakened by the time the centre nears Newfoundland on Wednesday, though some wind gusts to 45 knots will be possible offshore Newfoundland.

Disturbance twelve is around mid-Atlantic now and is moving west at 17 knots.No development is expected due to unfavourable environmental conditions. Storm cones aloft offshore Nova Scotia otherwise stand easy.