CLAUDETTE unlikely to make impact and some nonsense about social media

General overview Tuesday 14th July 2015

Disturbance fourteen has broadened into an elongated area of showers and storms and has weakened, with a loosely defined centre passing the Cayman Islands now as it struggles west-nor'west at around 5 knots. The unimpressive impact of this extends from the Bahamas, across eastern Cuba, and into the western Caribbean. No tropical development is expected as environmental conditions remain very unfavourable. By the time the disturbance reaches the Florida Straits or south eastern Gulf in a couple of days, the system should dissipate due to the influence of high pressure over the Gulf of Mexico.

Tropical storm CLAUDETTE is now centred around 300 miles south east of Halifax, Nova Scotia and starting to pick up speed towards the north east, currently around 20 knots. This has a small windfield of around 60 miles and - probably through boredom rather than anything significant - observers have given this a hurricane severity index rating of just 3 – 1 for size and 2 for intensity. A combination of ground speed and mucky conditions aloft are causing a loss of structure and this will be little more than a depression by the time it reaches Newfoundland on Wednesday. Dissipation is expected by late Wednesday northeast of Newfoundland. Some stormy patches will be experienced well offshore with gusts of just 45 knots.

Disturbance twelve is now situated around 500 miles north-east of the mouth of the Amazon and is moving west at around 18 knots. No development is expected due to unfavourable environmental conditions.

For those who paddle in the murky waters social media, these reports are posted on our website at and then transmitted later on Twitter @watkinsmarine, along with other matters of general maritime interest. Our colleagues at Watkins Superyachts post these reports on their website and thereafter by Twitter @watkinsyachts along with glossy images of unaffordable yachts and general pointless yacht chatter, however these are not instantaneous and this email is our earliest transmission of the day. I'm a morse code and semaphore man at heart, so much of this paragraph is a mystery to me.

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