Talk of a potential storm next week off the eastern seaboard

General overview Saturday 25th July

Disturbance eighteen is the low pressure cell keen observers were talking up earlier this week. This is more or less stationary over Central Florida where it is likely to produce enhanced thunderstorms over this weekend. By Monday, it should emerge offshore just east of northern Florida. Various computer modellers are undecided as to whether a tropical storm will then form. If it does, it could potentially form as early as Tuesday. The system will then travel north east with the centre remaining offshore. However, there is a chance it could move much closer to the coast and spread tropical storm conditions along the eastern seaboard during the middle to latter parts of next week. Highly speculative of course.

Disturbance seventeen is now entering the far south eastern Caribbean and is moving to the west-nor'west at 20 knots. Development is not expected. Enhanced showers and storms are likely today into early tomorrow for the Windward Islands. The disturbance is expected to weaken significantly by the time it reaches the Central Caribbean, and it may dissipate by that time.

Disturbance nineteen has emerged from the African coast and is westbound at 7 knots. Development appears unlikely over the next week.

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