Stationary low over Florida

General overview Monday 27th July 2015

Disturbance seventeen lost what little interest it ever had in developing and is no longer recognisable as a low pressure feature. Poor effort.

Disturbance eighteen remains stationary and disorganised over Florida. Modellers continue to be less aggressive with their language than they were a few days ago when this was going to break their storm-free tedium. This system is now expected to track slowly north-east over the next few days. There is still a window of opportunity for this to do something as it tracks offshore the southeast coast in the next 3-4 days but significant storm development is less likely. In the meantime, enhanced shower and thunderstorm activity is likely across much of the Florida peninsular over the next couple of days. Disturbance nineteen is now mid-Atlantic and is moving west at 12 knots. Development appears unlikely over the next week. Brollies in Florida, otherwise stand easy.