Three harmless disturbances under way

General overview 31st July 2015 A weak front is producing thunderstorms in the central and northern Gulf of Mexico. Several computer modellers indicate a disturbance could form in the area over the next few days. The disturbance would in all probability move northward and could then affect the Gulf Coast from Texas to Florida. There is a slight chance that any disturbance that formed here could become a depression and would then merit watching.

Disturbance eighteen is centred a couple of hundred miles offshore North Carolina and is moving to the north east at about 6 knots. Conditions are becoming increasingly unfavourable for development. Another poor effort.

Disturbance twenty one is mid Atlantic now and moving to the west-nor'west at 7 knots. The disturbance is becoming less organised and development chances are decreasing. Conditions in its path are not favourable for strengthening.

Stand easy.