Slow motion disturbances making no threat

General overview Monday 3rd August 2015

Disturbance twenty two is making itself felt over northern Florida, centred somewhere between Gainesville and the Atlantic coast. As the windfield of this also crosses the coast, it has set up a very effective, self-contained rain machine. This has been nearly stationary for the past twelve hours, but a north easterly shift is expected soon, but likely to be no more than half ahead. When this reaches the North Carolina coast in the next day or two, it should dissipate and thereafter, heavy showers and thunderstorms are expected to gradually diminish.

Disturbance twenty one has weakened since yesterday and reduced engine speed to dead slow ahead on a westerly course. This is currently centred around 300 miles north east of the Amazon delta. It is likely to maintain this course and speed until dissipating completely over the next day or two.

A tropical wave is expected to launch from the coast of Africa around late tomorrow and will have a good head of steam. Despite this very energetic prospect, environmental conditions are only marginally conducive for development in the eastern Atlantic and it still looks like a belt of dry, sandy air in satellite images so will have its work cut out to develop. One or two modellers are quite excited at this prospect. Typically, this stage of the season is when we see a string of low pressure cells coming from this direction.

No need to water the flowers in northern Florida, otherwise stand easy.