Foul weather departing Cape Hatteras

General overview Wednesday 5th July 2015

Disturbance twenty two has lost enthusiasm for the third day in succession and is now centred around 160 miles east-nor'east of Cape Hatteras and is headed north-east at 12 knots. Development is not expected before the disturbance merges with a front later today. This is despite a flurry of chatter last night that disturbance twenty two was showing storm tendencies. A few red faces this morning. The tail of the foul weather is to leave Cape Hatteras in the next few hours.

Disturbance twenty one is soldiering on to the north of French Guyana - westbound at 8 knots. Enhanced showers and storms are possible for the Lesser Antilles through Friday into Saturday but a canopy of upper level shear awaits and will not allow this to develop.

Disturbance twenty three is now about half a day west of the Cape Verde Islands and westbound at 15 knots. The US vs. rest of the world storm forecast dichotomy we alluded to yesterday is no nearer resolution but for now at least, this disturbance is showing no sign of organisation.

Stand easy.