A spark in the eastern Atlantic

General overview Sunday 16th August 2014

Disturbance twenty seven is now centred a couple of hundred miles south of Lake Charles and has lost shape, now just an elongated low pressure gradient hovering over north-western Gulf of Mexico. This will move slowly north-west later and approach south east Texas later. This will bring heavy shower and thunderstorm activity ashore but significant impacts are not expected.

Disturbance twenty five, the runt of a fairly weak litter anyway, drifted into subtropical Atlantic overnight and has lost all definition.

Disturbance twenty nine has formed around 400 miles north-nor'east of the Amazon delta and is moving west at 12 knots. This is not expected to develop and smart money is on this dissipating before reaching the Lesser Antilles.

Disturbance twenty eight is today's hot centrefold with the chatterers. This has a pressure profile that is the most impressive we have seen emerging from the coast of West Africa so far this season. Mid-Atlantic conditions ahead of the disturbance are becoming more favourable for development now and the chances of this developing are improving by the day. Early days but this is westbound at 14 knots and is looking good thus far. Worth watching.

Stand easy.