Storm FRED has had its day

General overview Wednesday 2nd September 2015 from west to east

The enhanced cloud and shower activity currently over Louisiana and east Texas is associated with a weak, upper-level trough of low pressure. This feature is not tropical in nature, and no development is expected.

The remains of ERIKA had a bit of a hot flush yesterday in the extreme north-eastern Gulf of Mexico as a weak open low pressure trough which moved ashore overnight in the Apalachee Bay area. This will produce scattered showers and thunderstorms today across northern Florida, but no redevelopment is expected.

Disturbance thirty six is a non-tropical low to the north of Bermuda, moving east at about 8 knots. This is showing some surface organisation and may strengthen a little but there will be no threat to land as this moves seaward.

Disturbance thirty three is a weak open low pressure area across the Turks and Caicos Islands and likely to disappear soon.

Tropical storm FRED is clapped out. This is about a day's steaming to the north–west of the Cape Verde Islands and is moving to the west-nor'west at under 10 knots. Maximum sustained winds have decreased to 40 knots and continuing to weaken. There is no threat to land.

Disturbance thirty five is set for lift-off from the Africa coast within the next 24 hours. This is looking to be a little north of track which may indicate an early turn into sub-tropical Atlantic and unlikely to pose a threat to the Caribbean.

Stand easy.