GRACE and FRED - fish storms only

General overview Sunday 6th September

FRED rallied again and is now some 400 miles north-west of the Cape Verde Islands and wobbling in uncertain but fertile conditions. No two forecasters seem to be able to agree on direction or strength, but it would appear that FRED has a day or two left to go, peaking at 50 knots before accelerating north-east and ultimately disappearing into north-central frontal activity. No impact on land is expected.

Tropical depression seven deepened and became tropical storm GRACE. This is currently centred just short of 2,000 miles east of Barbados. I had originally suggested that this system would need balls to cross the Atlantic and other than a confused gender identity, GRACE still faces the same battle to reach the New World.

On a westerly track at 12 knots with fertile conditions ahead, the seemingly impregnable wall of wind shear which is protecting the entire Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico awaits in around two days from now. In the interim, GRACE will strengthen further, with winds reaching in excess of 60 knots but thereafter, not even the most hopeful storm enthusiast amongst the chatterers has this reaching the Caribbean.

Stand easy, sparing a thought for fishermen and unwary sailors.