Two Atlantic disturbances, both destined to remain at sea.

General overview Thursday 17th September 2015

GRACE is still hanging around, now stationary in the eastern Gulf of Mexico. The system will likely enhance shower and thunderstorm activity over the eastern Gulf over the next 24 hours or so, but wind shear will keep it from developing. Over the weekend, this will track slowly north east and emerge off the south eastern seaboard, bringing with it some heavy rainfall to parts of Florida. Thereafter, it should dissipate but may make merry in the western Atlantic, but probably far from land.

Disturbance thirty eight is still battling upper level shear, now over eastern Cuba and moving slowly west-nor'west. Development is unlikely as it moves to the west-nor'west.

Tropical depression nine is located more than 1000 miles east of the Leeward Islands moving slowly to the north-nor'west. Most of the associated showers and thunderstorms are displaced to the east of the centre due to wind shear. This shear is expected to increase significantly during the next day or so which will weaken the system to a remnant low within the next 36 hours. The depression is not a threat to land.

Disturbance forty three still looks keen and one observer is even talking about this becoming a hurricane. Three days west of the Cape Verde Islands and moving west-nor'west at 7 knots, this has already started to drift north of the convergence zone indicating a future in the central Atlantic, far from land.

Stand easy.