Storm IDA seaborne but no threat ashore

General overview Saturday 19th September 2015

The last knockings of GRACE have been renamed disturbance forty four, in case it should redevelop when it would be allocated the next name in the season's sequence. This is currently a disorganised elongated trough of low pressure off the southeastern seaboard but does have a slight chance of developing into a tropical or subtropical depression or storm as it tracks slowly to the east-nor'east to north-east over the next 3-4 days.

There is still no chance of this having impact anywhere other than deep sea. Situated 750 miles north of the mouth of the Amazon delta, satellite imagery indicates that tropical depression nine is fading. This is rapidly losing all form in upper level shear and is expected to dissipate altogether over the coming weekend.

Disturbance forty three deepened and became tropical disturbance ten, then developed further into tropical storm IDA. This is now centred south and east of tropical depression nine. Now centred around 750 miles north-nor'east of the Amazon delta and moving north west at 8 knots, this is expected to continue on a northwest track over the next few days and strengthen into a 60 knot storm. Thereafter, there is no discernible consensus other than the reassurance that this will not have any impact on land. Stand easy - ashore.