Disturbance forty six bound for Gulf of Mexico

General overview Friday 25th September 2015

Disturbance forty six is close to the east coast of Nicaragua and is moving slowly to the northwest. This should bring the disturbance into the south central Gulf of Mexico by Sunday. From there, the system will likely continue a slow northwest to north motion.

The disturbance is then expected to become a broad area of low pressure that will produce a large area of 20-30 knot winds with scattered showers and storms across much of the Gulf from Sunday for a day or two with gusts in the heaviest squalls up to 45 knots. Development into a tropical cyclone remains only a slight possibility.

Disturbance forty five is a trough running broadly parallel to the Carolina coast. This will continue to move inland and bring showers and storms, some heavy, to portions of the southeastern United States. Development is not expected.

IDA is a now very disorganised tropical depression centred around 1,000 miles east of the north-easternmost Leeward Islands and will probably weaken to a remnant low over the next 24 hours. It will not impact any land areas.

Stand easy.