Calm restored to Bahamas as JOAQUÍN heads seaward

General Overview Monday 5th October 2015

Hurricane JOAQUIN is currently centred around 280 miles north of Bermuda and headed north-east at 10 knots. After a period of becoming better organised overnight, JOAQUIN is looking a little less impressive today and the system is expected to accelerate to the east-nor'east into the open North Atlantic, weaken, and become extratropical over the next few days. This is still knocking out 95 knot winds, however the finer details are widely promulgated to seafarers at risk, but no landmass will be effected. Calm has been restored to the Bahamas after a considerable battering.

Disturbance forty nine is dead central sub-tropical Atlantic and slouching northeast at walking pace. Development is not expected and dissipation is expected within the next day or two.

Disturbance fifty is five hundred miles north-nor'east of the mouth of the Amazon and moving to the west-nor'west at 15 knots. This should pass very near or just north of the north-eastern Caribbean late on Wednesday or Thursday where strong upper-level shear awaits.

Aside from north Atlantic sailors, all hands to stand easy.