Rainmaker set to follow Gulf coast

General overview Sunday 18th October 2015

Disturbance fifty three is located over the southern Yucatan peninsula and the outlook is a little clearer now. The system is very broad and lacks a well-defined centre but is still expected to move into the southern Gulf of Mexico later today or tomorrow, then slowly strengthen as it moves north near the coast of Mexico. The centre will then move inland in far northeastern Mexico on Thursday or Friday, and then track toward the northeast across southern Texas.

If this is a little much to absorb without a map, this more or less follows the contour of the coast from the Bay of Campeche to somewhere between Corpus Christi and Houston before heading inland. There is a chance it could be classified as a depression or tropical storm while over the Gulf but won't maintain this as it tracks north. Regardless of whether it develops as a tropical system, widespread rain and gusty winds will prevail across much of the central and western Gulf through the coming week and into next weekend. Heavy rain is likely across eastern Mexico this week and much of central and southern Texas late in the week and into the weekend.

Disturbance fifty two is located to the north east of the Caribbean and is moving to the north west at 10 knots. The disturbance is expected to be absorbed by a frontal system to the north over the next couple of days, so development is not expected.

Disturbance fifty four is located about 250 miles north-nor'east of the Amazon delta and is moving to the west at 11 knots. Tropical development is not expected.

Stand easy.