Storm clouds clearing over the Gulf of Mexico

General overview Monday 26th October 2015

The storm clouds are giving way over the Gulf of Mexico, possibly for the last time this season. Typically, November is a flaccid month for storm development, particularly when there is a stiff El Nino. PATRICIA raised numerous opportunities for lusty cyclonic development, but the hot-blooded low pressure cell that forced itself vigorously onto seductive warm water on the coast of Texas had its advances rejected by a determined chaperone of upper-level shear from the jet stream. As we now know, this was a significant rainmaker and it is rumoured that some people in Texas had nine inches overnight.

I do think last week's events show us that the season is over in the Gulf of Mexico.

Despite our undoubted enthusiasm to see an end to the 2015 season, there are still areas for an opportunist cyclone to develop in the Atlantic so for now, we will have to wait and see.

Stand easy