2015 storm season - finished with engines

There are currently no disturbances in the Atlantic and what little circulating air is there is weak, useless and pathetic. A final subtropical disturbance may form west of the Cape Verde Islands but this can't really survive long given the strength of upper level shear across the entire reporting area. I have an old sailor's aversion to turning my back on weather precautions too early, but do recognise that the many commentators I have drawn on for the 2015 season have already packed up. Doubtless, some will do whatever storm enthusiasts do in winter, cultivating watercress on blotting paper, rearranging their toe nail clipping collections or tidying their sock drawer. I imagine the blind sniper is having a nightcap in a shack somewhere around Baffin Island, before lining a shoe box with straw, poking holes in it and settling down to hibernate for the winter months. That's me then. Finished With Engines.

Stand down.