Umbrellas in Georgia

The start of this season has caught me on the hop. I had no sooner knocked out my season prologue on Friday than BONNIE was live off the coast of the Carolinas. Tropical storm BONNIE made landfall just east of Charleston, South Carolina over the last couple of hours. This was only a brief and weak storm - we didn't miss much.

Most of the storm's convection is disconnected from the nominal centre over portions of eastern Georgia, western South Carolina, and eastern North Carolina indicating strong shear, where it will bring very heavy rain. This will now track north east for a couple of days losing energy inland but may resurface into the Atlantic in a day or two, but weakened.

To the south, disturbance two is north of Hispaniola and moving towards the north-nor'west. This is an area of storms associated with an upper level low. The disturbance is expected to move in a northerly direction away from the Caribbean during the next few days with little chance of development.

Umbrellas in Georgia otherwise stand easy.