COLIN bullying fishermen in the Atlantic

Tuesday 7th June 2016

Tropical storm COLIN slipped the eastern seaboard and is moving quickly to the northeast into the Atlantic at a blistering 20 knots where it is expected to strengthen with winds up to 60 knots, but will be well clear of land. Currently centred around 300 miles north east of Jacksonville, the present hurricane severity index rating is 3 (1 size / 2 intensity) and expected to peak at 7 (4 size / 3 intensity). COLIN has a tropical storm windfield radius of 185 miles which may extend but only seaward. COLIN has cleared the Outer Banks of North Carolina and is expected to merge with another non tropical low pressure system before it passes near Newfoundland. Despite leaving the eastern seaboard, this is still producing rain ashore and is likely to do so for a few more hours.

Disturbance four has formed mid way between San Juan and the Netherlands Antilles and is moving to the west-nor'west at 15 knots. This general motion is expected to continue. In 3 to 4 days, the disturbance is likely to move over the southern Yucatan peninsula. Thereafter, it is forecast to move into the Bay of Campeche where by then there may be a slight chance of development. Regardless of development, enhanced shower and storms are likely for the bay of Campeche this coming weekend.

Aside from fish and sailors off the eastern seaboard, stand easy.