What we do

Watkins Marine Services provides specialist marine safety and security risk management services, ranging from port assessments to offshore energy inspections, audits and project work. Services we can offer to commercial shipping include general or bespoke crew training, safety and security audits of vessels, ports and management offices.

Our capacity for on-site and shore-based risk assessment projects includes, but is not limited to, offshore oil installation inspections, power plants, ports and marinas, pipelay and crane barges, offshore FPSO audits, shipyard and loading terminal inspections, and ship construction and offshore fabrication yards.

With the increasing prevalence of piracy and terrorism, a thorough and professional maritime risk management programme is essential for the preservation of personnel and assets. Our marine department has extensive experience of maritime risk assessment, in addition to a full and diverse understanding of the maritime industry as a whole.

While it may seem absurd to describe any hijack operation as ‘routine’, the industry has developed a standard response, and Watkins has worked with various service providers to assist in bringing hijack and recovery to a satisfactory conclusion. However, our unique experience in the field also allows us to provide support above and beyond the level of standard industry procedures. This includes the recovery of released but disabled vessels from pirate anchorages, sourcing, supply, and vetting of private marine security companies (PMSCs), voyage planning, monitoring and execution and the sourcing of appropriate insurance cover.

Within the company’s folio of risk management, we offer a range of services including independent site inspections, bespoke risk audits and support to clients in reducing risk profiles in all areas of the Syndicate’s business. In addition, third party consultancy is offered to a wide range of marine ventures, from tanker safety to superyacht management. Marine project management is available to construction ventures, including site representation and finance management. We can also provide crew training at sea and ashore, management of fleet auditing functions, fleet-wide risk audits, accident investigation, and emergency response training.

2022 Atlantic, Caribbean & Gulf of Mexico storm season.

  • Aerial view oil and gas chemical tanker in open sea, Refinery Industry cargo ship.
  • Aerial view oil and gas chemical tanker in open sea, Refinery Industry cargo ship.
  • Aerial view oil and gas chemical tanker in open sea, Refinery Industry cargo ship.