From west to east;

The low cell which has been deepening off the south-eastern seaboard for the past few days has become Disturbance Twenty Three. Centred 150 miles east of Cape Canaveral and inching towards the coast of Florida, upper level shear is breaking the convection cycle and likely to prevent significant development for the time being although heavy rain can be expected when this reaches the coast.

Disturbance Twenty One is now around 60 miles south of Haiti headed west at a sprightly 23 knots. Ground speed, dry air and wind shear should keep this in check.

Disturbance Twenty Two is two days east of Trinidad, also making a good speed as it heads west. This is likely to spread thunderstorms and showers across the islands of the south eastern Caribbean as it passes but also has odds stacked against it for development.

Stand easy.

Image Paul Raymond