From west to east:

Disturbance Twenty Six is about a day’s steaming time east of the Windward Islands, headed west-nor’west at 14 knots while fanning out rain and scattered thunderstorms. This is set to cross the Leeward Islands overnight on Monday and then Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands over the following 24 hours where there are only marginally favourable environmental conditions. The smart money is on this being little more than a rainmaker.

Disturbance Twenty Eight is now midway between the African coast and the Caribbean moving slowly to the west-sou’west – a rather unusual track at this time of year. This has some sign of rotation and has favourable environmental conditions ahead. I would expect this to turn to the north-west soon and shape up to pass north-east of the Leeward Islands toward the end of next week.

Disturbance Twenty Seven is still loafing about to the south west of the Cape Verde Islands but starting to show slight movement to the west where environmental conditions will be slightly more favourable for development.

Stand easy.

Image Paulita Pappel