Tug attacked and 4 crew kidnapped off Nigeria - 13 June 2013

Today, the IMB issued the report of an attack on an unidentified tug on 13 June 2013 off Kwa Igbo, Nigeria and the kidnap and subsequent release of four crew members eight days later. Unusually, they also comment that a ransom was believed paid for the release of the crew.

‘13.06.2013: 0315 LT: 04:02N – 008:02E: Approximately 30nm south of Kwa Ibo, Nigeria.
While underway two speed boats with 14 pirates armed with pistols and AK47 rifles attacked a tug. Eight pirates boarded the tug, captured four crew members, stole their personal belongings and took them ashore. On 21.06.2013 the four kidnapped crew members were safely released. It is believed a ransom was paid for their safe release.'

The colour key for Google earth images is:
Red - Hijacked vessel, kidnapped crew or attack in progress.
White -  Failed or aborted attack.
Yellow - Pirate action group (PAG) or mother ship.
Green - Suspicious approach, incident or activity