Security Incidents - Indonesia

Incident One – 01 Oct 2013 on board products tanker anchored off Batam awaiting berth

At 0355 hour, watchkeeper on security rounds encountered four persons on the vessel's main deck, attempting to gain access to the ship's accommodation. All four were dressed from head to foot in dark clothing and at least one was armed with a ‘long knife'. He immediately contacted the bridge watch by portable radio, who sounded the general alarm. All four then escaped by jumping over the rail and were quickly recovered by accomplices in a small wooden boat and left at speed.

The Master attempted to contact the port authority but received no reply.

Incident Two – large tanker anchored off Nipah, Indonesia engaged in ship-to-ship cargo operations.

At 0242 hours 06 Oct 2013, on completion of cargo transfer, all deck crew proceed to the manifold for hose connection. The duty oiler was stationed aft for anti piracy watch and noticed two unlit craft under the vessel's transom stern and persons attempting to rig portable ladders. On raising the alarm, all crew immediately proceeded to the poop deck area causing the boarders to abort and disengage.